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Improvement Plan

For In-Service Meetings
November 2004


After review of how a local business runs their quarterly meetings, I assessed that I could help them make some improvements by changing the format and incorporating a few ideas from my in service booklet. Some of the areas could not be changed due to expense, and time scheduling, however, a few low budget changes could be very beneficial.


We started with the basics - and chose a theme for the next meeting – Safety

We decided to make some snacks and drinks available - donuts and coffee or juice for an early morning meeting.


We also chose to develop a booklet that would address the safety issues and discuss the fact that many are common sense, yet still are not being observed.

By giving them the booklet, we could spend more time on other things and ask them to read over the booklet and review periodically. We discussed a possible test to ensure they read it, but decided against it – we thought the open discussion and presentation at the meeting would cover the most important issues. And we were confident that most of the staff would at least look through the booklet – we made it fun, colorful and illustrative to get their attention.


We set up a format for the workshop – keeping it short and sweet. (under 1 hour is ideal)

The format of the meeting would include a quick review – and then a follow up discussion about ways to avoid safety hazards – ways to help others and watch for unsafe areas and practices.

Staff Involvement

Each department (2 or 3) would put together a fun and informal (and quick) skit of unsafe practices and let the group discuss what they did wrong and how it could have been done better and more safely.


We ended the workshop with the idea that if anyone has further ideas, to jot them down and hang them on the bulletin board.

Management Control Booklet
In-Service Booklet

This project was completed in partial fulfillment for EDA 6205 Educational Management for Dr. V. Bryan, Fall 2004. The project is the property of the author,

Bonnie Isham Willis -

and assigned rights to Dr. V. Bryan,, instructor of the course. If you wish to distribute this project for training purposes, contact the author, or Dr. V. Bryan, . The product is permitted for use for subsequent EDA 6205 courses as a sample of high quality electronic work or portfolio for this course.

Fall 2004
Competency 15