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Here you have a myriad of choices; you have many avenues of interests to pursue. Look to the left and you can always navigate from there.

If you came to this website, because you have always been curious about yods or maybe you have a yod, then you will find a good start to your search in the [yod section].

If you came to this website to learn more about astrology, head to the [Beginners] or [Intermediate] section. There, you will find interesting information, and programs to purchase that will help you learn at home. I have been teaching astrology almost as long as I've been studying; I am currently teaching a beginners class locally, and mentoring intermediate students via online.

Also, Astrologically curious visitors can check out the [Article Library], [History Section] and keep checking the [Current Projects] section, ya never know what I'll be up to.

I also hope you take the time to read about [Young Astrologer's Advocates]. It is a goal group that is working with young promising Astrologers and established Astrologers to bridge the gap and bring Astrology to young people and give young people a chance to succeed in the established Astrology community. We need your support !

In the [Women's Studies] Section you will find information and hopefully inspiration. This is a bridge between my traditional and astrological worlds. This section includes discussion on Women's issues in a traditional sense, but also in the Astrology Community. I recently began researching the gender ratios in the Astrology Communities.

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Of course, Don't miss out on the [Graphics & Web Design Section]
and some Great Resources. [Fantastic Links].