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Want to Learn Astrology ??

|Online Beginners Class begins March 23rd|

Check out my Online Beginners Class offered through AYA

Classes begin the week of Spring Equinox-Check out all the classes offered through AYA

|AYA Education Committee|

This is the Yod Astrology Home School
Attend a Live Astrology class in your own home Today.

Home School Programs are available as individual topics or as a series , and include a CD or multiple CDs and a workbook. Keep your eye on this list, because it will continue to grow as more topics become available. All prices include shipping.


Series Workbook Price
Beginner Series (6 weeks)
Introducing signs-planets-houses
yes $65
Intermediate Series (6 weeks)
Deepening Understanding of Houses-Aspects-Transits
yes $65
Topic Workbook Price
Signs & Qualities yes $25
Planets & Dignities yes $25
Houses & What's Your Rising yes $25
Aspects & formations yes $25
Transits yes $25

How to Order

Print out this order form and send it with check or money order (prefered) to:
Bonnie Isham Willis
PO Box 1012
Hobe Sound, FL 33475

Or use PayPal for credit cards and direct payment

Order Form

Name: ____________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________
Shipping Address:
Birth Data when applicable
Date: ____________________
Time: ____________________
Place: __________________________________
Which Topic or Series: _______________________________________
Quantity: ________________
Total Included: $_____________________