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Software Summary for Middle School / High School Social Studies


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worldviewsoftware worldviewsoftware Nancy Drew Mysteries
GeoPuzzle! Nancy Drew Mysteries
A+ Electronic Flashcards
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Breaking the Code
Virtual Safari

Sands of Time History Games Trans-Con!

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The Ellis Island Experience

Carmen San Diego Series

Take a trip Around the World! Puzzle Land

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Social Studies Software and Teachers Tools
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  Breaking the Code is software that teaches children to interpret hieroglyphics. The program presents information about the Rosetta Stone and Bankes Obelisk and discusses the work of scientists who have decoded hieroglyphics. In addition, the program describes the stories and roles of important Egyptian gods and goddesses. A secondary objective of the program is to improve children's typing skills. The program folder also includes a small number of related lesson plans for teachers.


  The Ellis Island Experience [for ages 11 to adult] from SouthPeak Interactive, weaves a wealth of information and presents it to the viewer in a compelling format using oral histories, quotes, and photographs to supplement its factual presentations. Parents, teachers, homeschoolers will find this fascinating and useful.


Geography Jigsaw Puzzle Software Package

Take a spin across the globe! This software includes colorful map puzzles for the countries and capitals of the world. The puzzle pieces consist of country and star icons, which are dragged and rotated by the user to their correct position on the map. The timed game format holds interest and makes learning world geography fun. Several different levels of difficulty make the software useful to almost any age group. Easy and colorful user interface.



Use your knowledge of geography, art, and architecture to solve puzzles. With a variety random shapes, images, and difficulty levels, beginners and experts alike will find challenging puzzles to solve. Puzzleland lets you save your progress and continue playing at a later time. You can also make puzzles out of your own images.


  Virtual Safari [for ages 10 to 14] from Fujitsu Interactive includes plenty of action, information and authentic sights and sounds to intrigue and enthuse young animal lovers.


  Sands of Time
History Game Software Package

Take a trip back through the mists of time to faraway lands and strange places! See great moments in world history, including great acts of nobility, creation, exploration, and acts of unspeakable treachery. Challenging and educational arcade style game. Learn basic world history and have fun at the same time!



Lionel Trains Presents: Trans-Con![for ages 7 to 12] from Knowledge Adventure, is an excellent program that involves students in one of the most exciting times in American History. It offers an interactive glimpse into the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, hands-on geography, problem-solving experience and even a little arcade-like fun.


  Take a Trip Around the World!Package of fast paced, colorful and challenging world geography quiz games. Includes point and shoot arcade style games for countries, capitals, major exports and geographical features of the world. The software makes learning fun; geography scores have been demonstrated to improve rapidly. Bon Voyage!


  Nancy Drew Series
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Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew series is a refreshing challenge for pre-teen and teenage girls. Although much of the software aimed at girls ages 11 and up is insubstantial with questionable educational value, Nancy Drew encourages girls to be independent problem solvers. Girls take on the role of the famous teen sleuth: exploring new places, questioning motives, collecting evidence and analyzing clues. In Nancy Drew’s world everyone has a hidden motive and nothing is what it seems. Teen detectives must navigate through the clues and plot twists with acute observation and attention to detail. Although the conclusion of the mystery is predetermined, players choose their own path to reach the solution.


  Carmen Sandiego
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Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? is one in the series.
Chase Carmen Sandiego and her gang through all 50 states as they try to recover the nation's stolen treasures by deciphering clues relating to U.S. and state history, geography, economy, and culture.