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Teacher Resources

Teachers Resources, Rubrics & Assessments


1) Enhancing your teaching effectiveness

Recommends and gives suggestions on using learning style inventories – assessing your students and helping them in the most personal way – very informative


3) DVC Learning Style Survey for College (2000)

Very informative site – are you a visual, audio, or tactile/ kinesthetic learner. After finding out what style you learn best with – then it gives you strategies to work with your style. I especially like how it focuses on college students. Many times we don’t even learn how to learn until college. Perhaps they should use these for grade school kids and be able to help them more.

4) Kiersey Temperament Sorter, Advisor Team Inc, (2004)

5) International High IQ Society Intelligence Tests

In depth assessments – different types - only problem – they make a big deal about high IQ, which can make you feel inadequate if you don’t score high – but chances are everyone will score high on one kind – just not all of them.

• (Culture Fair Test) Spatial and Logical concepts

• (Verbal IQ Test)

• (Timed Test) Verbal, math, spatial reasoning, and problem solving skills

6) Paragon Learning Style Inventory (PLSI) Version 48A (2000)

7) Fuel Station Diagnostic Assessments

Very simple website with great assessments – do all three

• Brain Dominance Diagnostic
• Personality Diagnostic
• Modality Diagnostic

8) 4 Teachers
Resources and information for teachers – professional development, technology and offered in Spanish too. Also offers Assessments, and lots of further resources

10) Discovery Channel
Great resource for history, science, astronomy and more

11) Makes original puzzles based on words you supply

12) 2Learn Education Society
Great site with some cool graphics – and moocho information – also has resources in French and Spanish and resources directly for kids and teens

13) Converting objectives to rubrics

cute site with good information on and getting started tools for creating your own rubrics.

14) Online assessments:

Many assessments targeted toward adults/employment and business type - including - True Colors, Social Styles, Leadership 360, teams goals, time management and more.

15) Rubrics k-12
big site with many products to market but also many resources.

16) Overview of Alternative Assessment Approaches
(use underscore for blank)
an article listing of dozens of assessment ideas for individuals and groups
also links to many more informative sites/articles on leadership and school design – etc.. too many to list

19) Learning Style Inventory

good information about learning styles – the inventory itself costs a few bucks – but we took it for another class and it was a very good assessment.

do a search for learning modalities and/or learning assessments – they list several good assessments and resources – also many have focus on technology – distance learning etc.

Mostly marketing products for learning – but does give a free learning style inventory and other information – if only to help a parent recognize their kid is not the only kid who learns differently

22) Walter McKenzie’s Surfaquarium - Multiple Intelligence
Offers information and a book about multiple intelligence and Educational technology – a very nice looking interesting site – something the kids could even like.

23) Learning Style Inventory
To gain a better understanding of yourself as a learner, you need to evaluate the way you prefer to learn or process.

24) Emotional Intelligence
(do internal search for emotional intelligence) direct links may be temporary

• Health & Well-Being: Free Emotional Intelligence Test
• This assessment helps us discover how well you handle your emotions and learn your greatest emotional strength and weakness. Breaks down different categories – cute and valid

25) What Is Your Emotional Intelligence Quotient?
• The test will reveal your emotional reactions to difficult (hypothetical) situations and measure your EQ.

offers in-depth information & research on Emotional Intelligence


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