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Want to Learn Astrology ??

Beginners Class
Class begins March 23rd

Check out my Online Beginners Class offered through AYA

Classes begin the week of Spring Equinox-Check out all the classes offered through AYA

AYA Education Committee

You can find your way around this site by the navigation on top at anytime.

If you came to this website, because you have always been curious about yods or maybe you have a yod, then you can get a good start in your search here
[yod section].

If you came to this website to learn more about astrology, head to the
[Home School]
section. There, you will find audio programs so you can learn in the comfort of your own home.
I have been teaching astrology almost as long as I've been studying; I am currently teaching a beginners class for Martin County Adult Education in Florida, and I am mentoring intermediate students online. I am also involved in a great new organization focused on the interests and voice of young astrologers.We wish to bridge the generational gap and bring Astrology to more young people. We need your support !
[Email me] if you'd like to know more.

One of my other passions is Women's Studies, particularly, the history of women, with the goal of making sure great women are noticed.
[Women's Studies]
You will find information and hopefully inspiration. This is a bridge between my traditional and astrological worlds. This section includes discussion on Women's issues in a traditional sense, but also in the Astrology Community. It includes a large section of bios and charts of phenomenal women of history. and some Great Resources.
[Fantastic Links].

Another interest of mine is graphic and web design. Take a peak at some of the other sites I have created and soon I will add some graphics that Im willing to share.
[Graphics & Web Design Section]

Im also working on a couple other sections dedicated to research.
[Article Library]   [History Section]   [Current Projects]

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