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What is a Yod ?


The type of yod that I refer to is an astrological configuration. A yod within a natal chart is made up of 3 planets. 2 of these planets are 60* from each other, forming a sextile, and both are quincunx, 150*, to a 3rd planet. It forms an elongated triangle when looking at the aspect wheel.


The sextile (60*), is an aspect that gives opportunity. It is not the freebie like trine, and it is not a struggle like square or opposition. It is an opportunity for growth and favor. And in a yod, the sextile closes the formation which creates a flow. Open formations do not have the flow that a closed formation has. This can be good and bad, depending on how you look at it and how you use it. If you ignore the energy it just continues to flow around and around the formation like a nascar race. whoosh ! But, if you take that opportunity for growth from the sextile, the energy flowing right to it can lead you to a greater understanding and potential success. A yod is driven to lead you to your special purpose, your destiny and this would be the potential success you are shooting for. When you are on the right path, you will feel the joy of fulfillment. Something many of us Yod people have a very frustrating time finding in our life, so you will surely know it.


The quincunx gives a feeling of frustration, irritation, and blockage. It is called an inconjunct because there is no common energy, no resolution. It is often the little things that frustrate or irritate you, and even those things you just cant put your finger on, but you know its there. This energy can become obsessive, trying to accomplish what you intended to do, or it can just give up frustrated and disappointed. I have yet to figure out when to do which. The closure of the sextile between the quincunxes in a yod, can really help. It lets the energy flow rather than jump start your blood pressure. But the closed formation also makes it bigger - more involved in your life. A quincunx on its own may lead to a frustration, and then its over - no resolution, but most of the time small enough infractions to get over.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
The entire configuration, Yod, is called the "finger of God." In other words, a special or compelled purpose. The energies definitely work like that in my life. I have known since I was very young, that I had to do something of purpose. That an ordinary 9-5 job would not do it for me. However, it has been a roller coaster of an adventure, trying to find my purpose. I believe I have found it in Psychology, Astrology, writing, teaching,and healing. Well, I do have several yods. (smile)
This energy is compelling and often frustrating. The frustration comes with not being able to put your 'finger' on what it is that you are trying to accomplish or do. It comes from society messages that we must go to work every day and probably not enjoy it much to provide for ourselves and our family. I feel that human nature has made this energy frustrating, but its purpose is to reach higher, further, and out of the ordinary. I feel that it is very spiritual, on whatever level speaks true for you. It is a compelling force, almost obsessive, that leads us either to a life of frustrated and wasted efforts, or a higher plane of serving the Universe with our given gift.
For those of us with quincunx or yods in our charts, we know it is not a minor part of our life. Often it is such a strong compulsion and frustration, it colors the rest of our life significantly. The minor concept may be attributed to the ambiguity that comes with the quincunx. Often its the "little things" that we can't quite put "our finger on." This is the energy of the quincunx, the constant re-adjusting and frustration. With a yod, it is a closed formation; 2 of these quincunxes from the same point re-adjusting and frustrating at the same time, closed by a sextile or opportunity to find the outlet.
Imagine if you will, a center of energy forcing out to 2 points at the same time and frequency, in such an ambigious manner and against what society has taught us to make sense. This force of energy is waiting to be used. When not used, it merely shoots waves of hard to define spurts that we aren't able to synthesize. This is how a yod works. However, when we start to dismiss society's messages, and find our place, often through self awareness and healing, we are then on an unstoppable course of destiny and purpose.
The opportunity is to let go, release, sacrifice the ego. When we are caught in the energy of frustration, that becomes the block itself. This is the call of the yod; to let go of the frustration, the earthly need, the pride, to rise above, and take the path of least resistance. It is the finger of God, and teaches us that what must be sacrificed is typical human response and needs.

Thanks to Frances McEvoy of NCGR for booklet on Yods, and quincunx.
And Joan Kellogg for her work on Yods and her book with AFA, Yods


In My personal chart.

Quincunx and yods are the primary influence in My natal chart. If quincunx were not plotted, it would seem bare. This may influence my perspective that quincunx is not a minor aspect, and do not get enough focus. I have a debatable amount of yods, depending on what orb or placements are used. I typically use a 2.5* orb for the quincunx and 5* orb for sextiles. However, according to Joan Kellogg and my agreeing intuition, if it feels like a quincunx and its working like a quincunx in your life, it is a quincunx even if the orb is bigger. In my case, because the quincunxes or controversial legs of the yods are conjunct placements that are within orb, in my opinion, they are quincunx too.
However, Karen Zondag's Yod Book, discusses this controversy on orbs. She brings up the fact that if an orb is extended on a quincunx it comes within orb of other aspects, and would take on different characteristics. This is a valid point, and I don't completely disagree with her, but I give credit to intuition and subjectivity in this case. If it feels like a quincunx and is working in your life like a quincunx, then it probably is a quincunx.
Concerning Points -- I do count nodes, chiron, and the angles as points of a yod. If you never use the nodes in interpretation or chiron, and you bring it into your chart just to create the yod. This might be questionable. But if it leads you to great insight, then I'm all for it. I feel the same about asteroids; if you typically work with them, or if it gives you some great insight to include them, then heck yeah, they count. But if you are just stretching to find something "cool" then no. Like when we are first learning astrology, we try to stretch those orbs and create more trines, or find something new but ignore the deeper messages of what is already there, then I dont think its too valid.

For everyone that says wow, you have yods, you have a special purpose. (hahhahaaa) This is not an easy path what so ever, and is often a frustrating and painful road. Yet it can be rewarding, if we allow our ego and human side to be constantly released or sacrificed. :)
Finding insight into the yods has been a difficult road, but very rewarding. Understanding the affects / energies of yods provided insight into my life, understanding of self, and inspiration to find that special path that it suggests. I feel strongly that others with yods in their chart feel the same and can be helped significantly by learning more about yods. The Yodbook is a great step in this direction. Yet many astrologers who are counseling do not have the information and / or still consider it a minor aspect (not a big deal right?).
All humans are called to a higher place, a person with a yod is constantly pushed there. Is this a blessing or a curse ? The jury is still out on that one.

~ May Love Light Your Path ~

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