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Teacher Resources


A few inexpensive and reasonably simple suggestions for more classroom integration of technology.

• Post assignments, extra credit, or reviews on a website

• Let students and/or parents email you – with reasonable boundaries

• Prepare a lesson plan or lecture using power point or website – throw in some great graphics and occasional sound bite to get/keep their attention

• Use a digital recorder and let the students ask and answer review questions – then burn it to a cd.

• Use a digital recorder to create review notes or important lessons that students can listen to or burn onto cd. (Kids know how to work with music technology -- they can play mp3s on their computers or portables- great for students who are absent or who want to review.) If you want to get fancy - consider creative ways to incorporate music or sound to important notes – it may help audio learners remember or just make a lesson more fun. Digital recorders are fairly simple to use – record – use usb to plug into computer and download to your computer. Instructions and software come with the recorder when you purchase it.

• Create a cd of important handouts or review notes

• Show examples of multi-media projects and a presentation topic – and see what your creative students come up with – allow some class and/ or lab time for them to use computers.

• Give a Group technology or multi-media project assignment and let students present to class or display at the school.

• Technology show and tell - let the students show and tell how they use technology as a tutorial or presentation to the class. Have some suggestions for them and perhaps assign in groups.

• Ask for a guest teacher to come in and do a multi-media, website, or other technology presentation or tutorial.

• Encourage online research or fact finding – use computer for library text sources as well as online sources.

• and online dictionaries are great online resources – do a word a day or city a day etc.

• Show the class how to do some simple math formulas with Excel spreadsheets

• Use your creativity or borrow a colleagues’. There are so many things you can do with the computer – and they don’t all take too long or cost too much.



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