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Web Resources

American Society of Aging (

American Society on Aging – Multicultural Aging Network

American Psychological Association Division 20 (

Gerontological Society of America (


State-by-state profiles of the aging population

A Profile of Older Americans 2001 (U.S. Administration on Aging and AARP)

NIH - Women's Health Initiative (

Women's Health Initiative (

Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors (

General issues of health, disease, and age: (

Senior site: help with drugs (

Hardin Meta Directory Geriatrics page ( -ger.html)

Geriatrics & Mental Health - The Facts: American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (

ADEAR: Alzh. diseases and related disorders (

Dementia web (

Engineering A Cure: from New Scientis t magazine

The Alzheimer's Bookshelf ( )

Treating Geriatric Depression: Clinical Geriatrics

MA Nursing Home Survey Tool (

Kaiser Family Foundation - State Health Facts Online (

Report from the APA Working Group on Assisted Suicide and End-of-Life Decisions (

Administration on Aging (AOA): National Aging Information

AOA - Directory of Websites on Aging (

NIA Behavioral and Social Research Program: Data Resources

Cultural Context of Aging – Jay Sokolvsky (

Michigan Center for Urban African American Research (

AOA Diversity and Aging (

AOA International Aging (

Assessing Geriatric Health: American Family Physician

Suicidal Intent in Elderly Patients: Clinical Geriatrics

Elder Abuse: E-Medicine

Elder Self-Neglect: Annals of Long Term Care

Counseling Ethics: Journal of Counseling & Development

Science of Aging Knowledge Environment: Science Magazine (

Friday's Progress Notes - A Mental Health Newsletter


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