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Historical Timeline

Multicultural education in the 20th century has seen the establishment of several organizations dedicated to different aspects of multicultural education.

1911 NCTE National Commission for Teachers of English

1924 Linguistic Society of America

1954 NCATE National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

1968 MALDEF Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

1971 Reforma

1986 HACU Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

1990 NAME National Association for Multicultural Education

Obstacles to multicultural education, particularly bilingual education, have been ever present in the United States.

1803 After the Louisiana territory was purchased, French speaking populations fell under US influence, sparking the first English only movement.

1847 Anglo-French instruction approved in Louisiana

1849 Spanish language rights granted in California

1868 English only schools established for American Indians

1896 English only schools established in Hawaii

1898 English only schools established in Puerto Rico and the Philippines

Due to the world wars, both multicultural education and English only movements waned until a modern movement manifested itself.

1980 Dade County Florida approved anti-bilingual ordinance

1983 US English founded as an English only promotor

1986 English First and American Ethnic Coalition founded for the same reason as US English.

Reference Note:

This information was acquired from organizational websites and from Professional literature is all theory and did not provide useful historical information.


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