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Target Population

Multiculturalism advocates and supporters have taken on the difficult task of educating everyone, rather than just one target audience. It is important to address the educational needs of the underrepresented populations, while at the same, educating the community, its educators and leaders as well as the general population about different cultures, multiculturalism, and the rights of the underrepresented populations.


We believe that in today's society it is important to empower underrepresented populations through education, but it is equally important to continue to educate the community about those that are underrepresented and their rights. According to Virjee, Multicultural education is important in more than one way. "In adult and continuing education, programs offer more than skills training. Cross-cultural education helps develop attitudes of flexibility, sensitivity, tolerance and understanding, characteristics that employers value" (2004).

How would you plan instruction that fosters flexibility, sensitivity, tolerance and understanding among students?


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